1-2-1 Consultations

These can take place in the comfort of your own home, out and about in a suitable environment or by Skype. Consultations are relaxed and friendly, last for approx. 90 mins and costs £40.

The following five key areas are covered to help understand where your dog is at the moment, along with your expectations, so that an action plan can be created. This is tailored, solution and results based, positive training for you and your dog.

Is your dog optimistic or pessimistic?

For example if I were to place a strange object in an empty room, which your dog has been in before, what would your dog do? Working on a dog's optimism, by playing relevant games, has many benefits. Remember the best response is no response when it comes to novelty and ambiguity.

Can your dog generalise?

This speeds up learning and is the ability to play the same game in different environments and with different objects eg the 'two feet on' game.

Is your dog mentally flexible?

This is the ability to respond differently to the same, or similar, situations. This powerful concept can be developed and provides the opportunity for current responses to be changed.

How calm is your dog?

During a dog's waking day and evening there are many choices they can be making of things to do. Calmness is a great choice as it keeps their 'stress bucket' levels low. The first step is to understand how your dog spends their time at the moment by keeping a 'calmness diary'. This also helps evidence progress by periodically completing and comparing.

The on and off switch

The ability for a dog to transition from high arousal to low arousal, and vice versa, helps in many situations. It is also relevant for both competition and companion dogs. For example when your dog is in a state of high arousal can they still think eg perform a sit or down following a cue?

Would a 1-2-1 consultation be of interest?

If so please get in contact for further details or to ask any questions. Alternatively to book a consultation and make payment now please click here.

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